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For the promises of Industry 4.0 to be realised, seamless communication across all levels is essential. The field level must be compatible with Ethernet networks above it, while remaining cost-effective and space-saving, as space is tight in many machines.

Single Pair Ethernet, which comprises just one twisted pair rather than the two or four standard pairs in Ethernet cables, is an ideal solution — almost as fast as multi-pair Ethernet, while also allowing much longer distances. Thanks to standardisation, SPE makes the field level smart and ensures consistent, reliable networking across the entire automation pyramid — anywhere in the world.
Partner Network Drives SPE Forward

“Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) is the technology of the future. However, there is still a lack of consistency when it comes to connector standards.“ - Ralf Moebus, Head of Product Management for Industrial Communication at LAPP.

In the SPE Industrial Partner Network, cable and connector manufacturers have joined forces to advance existing technologies, which look to replace today’s prevailing fieldbus systems to power intelligent sensors & actuators in the smart factory ecosystem.

Beyond the smart factory, SPE exhibits tremendous potential in process automation, such as the bridging of long distances in large chemical plants, where analogue cables or fieldbuses with data transmission rates of just 31.25 kbit/s are still used. In public transport, SPE is suitable for networking information systems used in surveillance or automatic counting, as well as infotainment and WiFi. SPE also offers a more compact design with lower bending radii and greater flexibility in battery-electric vehicles, which are also used in networking sensors for building automation needs such as fire alarm systems, light or temperature sensors.

LAPP is ready with any SPE connection technology

Recognising its potential early on, LAPP had a headstart in developing industrial SPE cables, and has ETHERLINE® T1 product family ready for use. It is committed to standardisation in conjunction with other manufacturers of connection technology. In the search for a standard for industrial connectors, LAPP favours the connector face in accordance with IEC 63171-6, which it is actively disseminating by collaborating with the SPE Industrial Partner Network.

To plan and check an SPE network, application-specific planning and installation guidelines need to be in place. User organisations such as PI for PROFINET® or ODVA for ETHERNET/IP are already at work, with LAPP’s involvement.

Get on Board: Shifting Gears with SPE
Beyond reduction to just two cores, SPE has made completely new network structures possible: think trunk capability, power over dataline (PoDL) or longer cable lengths. To stay abreast of the new possibilities and deploy them in your application to leverage on evolving new trends, it is vital to identify fields of application and discuss your system design requirements with manufacturers such as LAPP.
The benefits of Single Pair Ethernet:
Potential replacement
of Fieldbuses
Standardisation of technology in IP
based networks, from sensor to ERP
Light-weight & space
saving design
Cost-efficient due to elimination
of existing gateways
Existing 2-wire Ethernet
infrastructure may be reused
One standard for universal use in the entire automation industry
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LAPP supplies single-pair Ethernet cables through its ETHERLINE® T1 product family.
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