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Transforming Industrial
Networks through SPE
While Ethernet has long been established as a communication standard at the control levels of the automation pyramid, various fieldbus systems dominate lower down at field level. A new infrastructure – compatible with the Ethernet networks higher up, while being cost-effective and space-saving for machine and system use – was needed to enable continuous networking.
Single Pair Ethernet (SPE):
From the Cloud to the Sensor
A game changer in industrial automaton, Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) empowers seamless networking by allowing both data and power transmission with just one pair of cables, hence simplifying cabling infrastructure and embracing change in digital transformation.
Key aspects of how SPE
is transforming industrial networks:
Increasing Bandwidth
and Speed
Supporting higher rates, SPE enhances more efficient communication between devices on the industrial network.
and Lightweight
Ideal for applications where space is limited or where reduced weight is a priority.
Power over Data Line
(PoDL) Capability
Transmission of both electrical power and data over the same cable, reducing the need for additional power cables.
Designed to be robust and resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI), making them suitable for demanding industrial environments.
Cost-Effective Solution
Reducing cabling complexity and improved energy efficiency, SPE also eliminates the use of active components with direct sensor integration.
Joining the Fray of Innovation and Progress
Did you know that LAPP has been a member of the SPE Industrial Partner Network since 2019? An ideal solution for the challenges of Industry 4.0, the association of well-known companies is a central information and exchange platform for SPE and vital in helping the technology achieve a breakthrough.
Introducing EPIC® DATA SPE Connectors
The extension of the SPE portfolio enhances the range of solutions available for users, providing them with more options and flexibility for their specific connectivity needs. The EPIC® DATA SPE plug connectors offer improved performance and reliability, that cater to the demands of modern data and communication applications.
Compact design
Perfect for control cabinets,
industrial robots, field devices
and PCB
Time-saving &
simplified installation
A standardised mating face
(Commitment of leading
industry players to the
mating face 63171-6)
SPE connector with crimp termination

SPE circuit board socket