Promising to supercharge opportunities in overall energy efficiency, direct current (DC) power supply looks set to play a growing role in tomorrow’s industrial factory floors. By deviating from AC supply systems, a slew of advantages can be unlocked in various applications that already rely on DC internally.

Where businesses and companies are looking for means to lower their carbon footprint, switching to DC will signal a strategic part of their sustainability journey, by reducing CO2 emissions.

Alternating Current (AC) versus Direct Current (DC):
Why Does it Matter?
Direct Current
Alternating Current
Alternating Current is a current that changes its direction periodically and in constant repetition while Direct Current is a current that flows in one direction without changing its polarity over time. As productions mainly run on an AC grid, conversion losses incurred in the conversion to DC contribute to lost energy and unnecessary costs.
How Does Direct Current Contribute to Energy Revolution?
Unlocking Benefits and Opportunities in Direct Current (DC)
The Essentials: DC-Focused Portfolio from LAPP
Hastening a more promising flexibility and greater stability, direct current (DC) is the future of energy supply.
The Specifics: A Look at AC & DC Energy Transmission
Quench your thirst for knowledge in calculating and selecting the cross-section for cables in AC and DC systems!

Changing over to Direct Current significantly reduces conversion stages for greater energy savings, while also promising space savings. Grid stability is another factor as DC provides a quasi "uninterruptible power supply" (UPS) by utilising energy from storage units immediately in the event of power supply disturbances.

With DC, the energy supply is back within tens of nanoseconds, while AC, on the other hand, moves in milliseconds.This small but subtle difference can be the deciding factor in whether machines suffer damage or data centres crash.

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Leverage on DC to protect against plant downtimes with better external stability, and gain cost and energy savings in the long-term.

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