Cleanroom Cables Webinar
Increasing yield
via cleanroom cables
18 July 2023, Tuesday | 3:00pm - 4:00pm, Singapore Time
Tackling Particle Contamination:
Discover LAPP's cleanroom-compliant cabling for drag
Key Takeaways:
Best Industry practices, Cable Applications and Q&A session
Top Trends in APAC: Semiconductor growth, move towards miniaturization, power for batteries
& displays
Hwajeong (Clare) Park
Senior Engineer, Product Development
LAPP Korea
Ai Qing Huang
Product Manager,
LAPP Asia Pacific

Set to account for 76% of global semiconductor production come 20301, APAC is the largest and fastest-growing sector of cleanroom cables. With the rise of miniature devices, flat-panel displays and other advances, cleanroom cables need to keep up with broader application possibilities, in addition to meeting the highest requirements.

Join us in our next webinar to gain insights into the metrics of this fast-evolving field, best practices to minimize particle generation, and learn how the right cabling components can help you gear up into the clean future!

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